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The art of conversing


Being a great conversationalist has its advantages. In fact, it only has advantages. A great conversationalist hogs all the attention, gets all the respect and sadly all the women in the room!


An interesting conversationalist is one who can converse well with just about anyone. It is not necessary that you know everything about anything – just a few any things about most things is enough. Here how you can achieve all that…


Relax: Getting all uptight and stressed on making a good impact with your speech will get you nowhere. Try to relax. You can relax if you shift all your worries and concerns to the people opposite to you. In other words, pay attention to them and forget your problems.


Find out the interest of the other person: The easiest way to make sure the person opposite to you is enjoying a great conversation is to talk in terms of the other person’s interest. Find out what the other person prefers to talk about and encourage him to do the most of the talking. Even though most of the talking is done by the other person, you end up being heralded as a great conversationalist!


Be a good listener: It’s easier to be more interesting if you are a good listener. Ask them questions that genuinely interest you. That way neither of you gets bored. To be a good listener, pay attention to everything the other person has to say. Bend forward and give the person your whole attention. Ask a few questions or put in a few lines of your own thoughts.


Know how to respond: It is not necessary that you agree to everything the other person says. Agreeing on everything makes the conversation boring. Similarly refrain from disagreeing with the speaker on everything, or you will come across as argumentative. Disagree if you have to depending on the importance of the topic. Agreeing and disagreeing on everything makes you a lousy conversationalist.


Know when to end a conversation: A good conversationalist should also know when to end a conversation. When the conversation loses its charm, you should end it up politely. Thank the other person for his time and entertaining conversation before you take leave.


Following these pointers, start practicing on your conversation techniques. Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself sharing the spotlight when it comes to brilliant conversing.









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