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Avoid being bitten

My friend Nimesh is very prone to dog bites - or at least attacks. Just yesterday while he was out on a morning walk, a small mangy mutt dug its fangs into his ankles. Physically, he wasn't hurt much, but that scare only increased his fear of dogs.

With the majority of dogs being cross breeds and bhusiyas it is hard to predict their temperament. Also because of the poor treatment they receive at the hands of their owners, dogs in Nepal are usually defensively aggressive in nature.

As there are no laws stopping people from letting their dogs free on the street, it is up to us to prevent ourselves from being bitten.

It could be that some people have a particular look or smell that seem to anger dogs but most probably, some people just seem to give off the wrong signals. To make sure you don't do the same, here are some things to keep in mind.

Never stare a dog in the eye. The animal will take this as a challenge and may attack you.

If you are being chased by a dog don’t run. Face the dog and stand still with your arms to your sides. A dog’s instinct makes it chase anyone that is running.

Dogs are possessive and protective animals. Make sure you aren’t encroaching into his territory or approaching his food.

Just because a dog is small and cute doesn’t mean it won’t bite. Never pet a dog that isn’t yours.

Cornered, injured, sick and older dogs and mother dogs are more defensive and hence more likely to attack. It is safer not to walk to close to such dogs.

Be alert and wary of dogs when you are walking on the road. Most dogs tend to attack the unsuspecting victims.


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