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There’s a New Beer in Town

Evolution Trading has introduced the world famous Asahi super dry beer in Nepal.   The product was launched at a press conference on Friday.

Dry beers are light-bodied brews with little aftertaste and more alcohol. Asahi beer has a crisp, clean taste while still retaining a full-bodied flavor. According to the importers Asahi is a beer that could go well with many kinds of food including Japanese, Western and Chinese.

Asahi Beer enjoys 50% Japanese market share and it is becoming a stylish, recognizable and desirable brand across the world.

The already competitive beer market in Nepal leaves little room for the new brands to enter. The success of Asahi beer in Nepali market will depend on marketing strategy of the importers. 

Some facts and drinking style for Asahi Beer

  • The ideal temperature of Asahi Super Dry is 40-43 degrees F
  • Pour your Asahi into a chilled, clean glass, and make sure that ¼ of the glass is foam. You can achieve this type of "head" by pouring the first 1/3 slowly into a standing glass. Then pour the next 1/3 a little faster. Once you have an ideal head, pour the rest of the beer very slowly, as if you're lifting the suds
  • Beer tends to lose its quality when in contact with air. A good "head", then, acts as a lid to protect the beer. So when you pour your beer into a glass, make sure not to "break the lid" that the head creates.
  • Finally, when your beer is cold, poured, and ready, take a sip. You'll notice that Asahi Beer has a distinctively smooth taste when it goes down your throat. Now take another sip, and repeat until your glass is empty.

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