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National Cricket Tournament: Regional Selection

Today we have for you some pictures from the regional selection match played between Lalitpur and Tribhuan University team. Lalitpur won the match by 8 wickets in a rain affected match. Lalitpurs pacemen Amir Akhtar was the man of the match for his 4 wickets in  9 overs.

Event: Regional National Cricket Tournamet
Match: Lalitpur vs Tribhuwan University Cricket Team
Date: May 20, 2007
Location: TU Cricket Stadium, Kirtipur
Captured by: Dipankar Kasaju & Kshitij Regmi

Tenzing looking for a quick single

Textbook forward defense

It's your turn now. Finish the game.

Workout for umpire.

Way to go brother. I'm looking forward for the next match.

Brother, do we have chances on the team?

"Cricket needs support", Sanjay Shrestha accompanied by a friend watches the presentation.

Hey, checkout, someone's got a hand on your Kurkure.... Oops! It's our own Kurmure.

Style matters. Sanjay is the batsman to watch this cricketing season.

Lalitpur Team gives their best smile for eNahsa.com readers after winning the match.


What went wrong? TU team thinking seriously.

My dear friend, this is how we win matches.

Doesn't he look like Yuvraj?

What a good start. Aamir Akhtar was the Man of the Match for 4 wickets.

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