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Look Good in the Pool

Swimming is a great way to keep your body and health in great shape. And with summer in full blast, no other form of exercising is as lucrative. So you pack your towel and head for a swimming pool. Once there, you strip off to your undies and jump in right? No, wrong! Your under garments are not swimming dresses. Unless you want to appear stupid, crude and pathetic, don’t even make the mistake of dipping into a pool in your briefs.

To swim in a pool you will need some swim suits. Choosing a swimsuit is not an easy task if you don’t have those “Baywatch” figures. Depending on your body size and figure, you must choose or accessorize your swim suit. If you’ve been deciding to buy one but haven’t quite made up your mind, let us help you.

  • For women who don’t curve much at the hips, try swimsuits with pretty patterns and frills that’ll give an illusion of a curvy body. Ruffles on the hips and chest add volume to those areas thereby creating a smaller waist line in comparison. Well designed and placed prints can add shape to your curves.
  • Women who have a pear shaped body, can divert the attention to their chest areas by wearing a swimsuit with a plunging front. A bikini with darker colored bottom and lighter colored top will also work wonders.
  • For women who are built with a heavy top (busty), show some cleavage and support the top with under wired swimsuits and bikini bra’s.
  • For Women who wear X-tra large sizes, you can try swimsuits that are hold back your belly. You can also use a well matching cover up.
  • Men can choose to wear hot pants, trunks, boxer shorts or briefs.

With the summer heat inviting you to come and join the fun, make the most of it by looking good!


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