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Wonderful Living through Golf & Vipassana

- Dorji Tsering Sherpa

Please read this, a lightly explained introduction to the game of Golf and the Vipassana meditation, with a relaxed and open mind over a cup of tea or coffee and think about it.

A golf fanatic starts his day early with a look outside his window. If the weather is suitable, he rushes for a round of golf. He silently makes his exit while his family members are still sound asleep.  

Khanna Saab, in his dream is faced with chip and run shot at the pin. He asks his caddy for his favorite 7 iron. He aligns himself and makes his chip. Surprisingly he hits it fat. He wakes up to a startled cry of his madam.

DT's famous strategy and line of action, in minute detail for the next day's golf tournament surpasses any guerilla warfare planning, makes 9 under par an easy target.

Dr.Rana sets a record of a kind by breaking 14 new club shafts within a year in order to achieve the perfect golf swing and the desired distance befitting his respectable girth. He is also looking for shafts strong enough to last him a year or two.

Mr.RD is healthier than ever by setting record for continuing to play golf for his longevity despite the worst golf accident.

All these and many untold experiences add color and flavor in the game of golf that we all love so much. Golfers all over the world are always chasing the mirage of the perfect golf swing.  

Ask a fanatic or even someone struggling to make the club contact with the ball. You will get the same answer. They’ll tell you they cannot live without golf. If you ask me, I will always remember the first awkward swing that I took with a funny steel spoon. My first birdie putt, the first time I broke par, my first tournament win…and the list of memories go on. You will be ever grateful to the ones who forced you to learn this so called “old man's game”. I am indebted to the Lama Brothers who introduced and addicted me to this wonderful game. When we wish a close friend to take up this game they will shun it like a joke while the fact is that millions of people in the world are into it.

Another interesting and useful experience I’d like to share with you is called  VIPASSANA which is being taken up by millions of people around the world. All people who have taken it have benefited tremendously.

Vipassana is like the game of golf. We hit the golf ball in a controlled way; take it safely to the green completing the hole by putting the ball in the hole avoiding all the obstacles created in its way. Similarly Vipassana is all about controlling your mind and purifying it so as to avoid all the obstacles and troubles that occur in our life. Golf is not an old man's game nor a rich man's game but a game that is so enjoyable and physically beneficial too. Vipassana is neither a religious activity of Buddhism nor a group of chanting saffron worn gatherings but it is a serious method of learning the art of living through meditation. It has nothing to do with any form of religion or teachings. I therefore urge all of you to experience this wonderful art of Living- "Vipassana" once in your life time. Like in golf it is never too late to learn to make your life happier. You will be guided at every step by the great Acharya – Mr. Satya Narayan Goenka and his assistant teachers during the 10 days course. You may have heard and read about it but to get the real benefit out of it- you must experience it by yourself at the Vipassana center. There you will have accommodation with hot and cold showers, breakfast, milk, tea and assorted fruits, lunch of pure hygienic vegetarian foods and light meals in the evening. All these are free of cost but you will want to give a donation because of the immense happiness and knowledge that you will gain from this meditation course. Vipassana centers are in all the major city of Nepal so do not waste any more time, just go there and experience it You will never regret it.

May all beings be happy…

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