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Making an impact with your presentation

A presentation is something that every person as a professional or as an aspiring student must carry out. Preparing a presentation, whether it be official or educational, is no easy task. Considering that a presentation includes identifying the subject matter, putting them into words and finally the art of presentation itself, the whole task can be tedious and daunting. Just imagining yourself having to present your ideas in front several people can be discouraging. However, if you know you’ve prepared well, you can be more confident in your presentation.

To make sure your presentation turns successful there are some things you should follow.

  • Identify the main message or point you wish to convey through your presentation.
  • Write down your presentation on paper. Like a good script, writing down your presentation will help you construct your message.
  • Separate the presentation into three main parts- the heading, the body and the conclusion. The beginning should briefly explain the main objective of your presentation and should be able to grab the audience’s attention. The body should explain the main subject matter and the ending should re-emphasize the purpose of the presentation.
  • Adding relevant images to the presentation makes the presentation more attractive than one with only texts.
  • You should build your presentation depending on the audience. A presentation for a class may require minute details whereas a preparing a presentation for the directors of a company may require a bigger picture instead of the less important details.
  • Once you’ve completed writing your ideas, type them into your power point presentation. Write them in short bullet points. Describe these points to your audience; do not merely read them out.
  • Practice your presentation till you can present them without looking at the slides.

Try these pointers and improve your presentation skills.

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