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Friday Night Hunting

It’s a Friday evening, and as the sunsets and darkness spreads around, the creatures of the night start to emerge. The hunters and the prey start to plan their tactics. No, we’re not talking about those animals that live in the woods; we’re talking of the other animals that live in concrete forests!

Mate hunting has never been an easy task. With limited resources and fierce competition out there, one can never get enough edge on his competition. Keeping that in mind, we have a few clues to help you make a successful hunt!

When you enter the bar, you are a new face and women will look at you. Scan around the room for pretty faces. Don’t blow your chances of getting hooked up by zeroing in at a face at once. The women will notice this and avoid making or encouraging any approaches.

If the girl you’ve been eyeing seems interested, make your move. Even if you don’t think you look do good up close, approach her. A confident guy has his own charms.

Never approach a group alone. If the girl is in a group, it is advised you do not approach alone. Remember, James Bond is a fictional character. When you’re outnumbered, even the hunter can become prey! (In the real sense of course!)

Don’t lose hope because the girl you like has her own boyfriend. A lot of girls, usually the young ones have a boyfriend just for the sake of it. You can tell one by the way she scans for other guys over her boyfriends shoulders. If you she gives you the eye, you can position yourself so that she can see you but her date can not. You can catch her later on the way to the rest room.

Approach a girl who seems to be lonely and wanting to leave. She is probably a girl who had only come to accompany her friend, but got ditched. Since she is bored and lonely, she’ll be glad you approached her. You can buy her a drink and start a chat. Since she had also already made her mind to leave, you may take her out and away from the noisy place and show your romantic side.

Know the girl you’re approaching. Do you want to spend your money on free drinks? Or are you willing to dance through out the night? Bars are infested with bar chicks and dance queens. It is best to limit yourself to a few lines with them and walk by.

Load yourself with these ammunitions and improve your chances in the game of hunting in bars.

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