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Removing Body Hair II

After removing body hair

Our previous article on removing body hair must have been useful; we received many comments from our readers, most of which exclaimed surprise on the use of warm sugar as an option to the process! This time we give you the list of the possible skin irritation that can follow hair removing practices and how the pain should be treated.

1.Unsightly Red Shaving Bumps: These often occur because there are oil glands attached to nerve endings, which are easily irritated. To avoid this, try dissolving two cetamol tablets and a drop of glycerin in one-fourth cup of filtered water; apply the mixture after removing hair. Using an antiseptic cream to calm the skin after shaving can also be helpful.

2.Razor Burn: This can occur when you're pressing too hard or if you shave with a dull blade or with a blade that’s been left open in a bacteria encouraging puddle. The thing to do is change the blade at least once a week. Also, be sure to let warm water soften your skin and hair before getting started, and use plenty of moisturizing shaving cream as an added cushion. Do not use soap.

3.Post Waxing Red Marks: The only thing more annoying than unwanted hair is getting rid of the post waxing red marks it leaves behind. Soothe the skin by applying cold compresses and keeping your skincare routine down to water and light moisturizers for a few days. Don’t layer on products in the hope that one of them will do the trick; it will just exacerbate the situation. For a quick fix, apply some concealer and powder. The marks should disappear in a day or so.

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