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Mid summer appetite watch

Yes, we’ve already posted articles on dieting and avoiding getting fat, but like always, women need to be reminded about it time and time again. Besides, this article is about controlling your appetite. Guys, forward this article to your gal. It’ll save you money on dates too.

Blame summer. Summer time is the time when the days are longer, more energy expended on tasks, exercise is more cumbersome and invitations to picnics and dinners more frequent. As a result you tend to eat more than you usually do. Here’s how you can control your appetite in summer.

Eat small meals at an interval of every 4 hours or so. That way you’ll not be liable to gorge later. Bigger meals also result in bigger tummies. Also it is advisable to take a meal that’s high in fiber and water content. That’ll help you keep full.

If you think of having a second helping, wait for 15-20 minutes. By that time, you may not feel like having another round. Research says that it takes around that much time for the human brain to get the “I’m full” signal.

Some people are emotional eaters – especially women. Avoid situations that lead into emotional issues and thus emotional eating. Find other alternatives that’ll make you feel good like listening to music, chatting with friends or going for a walk.

There are no diet tips lists that won’t advise you not to exercise. Sorry, people but no pain no gain. Research says that people who exercise are less likely addicted to overeating than those who don’t.

You may blame summer all you want, but remember, your weight and health is in your own hands.

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