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A friend of mine wears his earphones all day and night. He has one of them stuck up in his left ear and he converses with the world through the other ear. I asked him about ear damage and he replies a little earphone can’t hurt. There’s this other friend of mine who likes listening to her headphones loud, she say there’s no fun in listening to music if it’s not listened to that way. I sort of agree with my pals but I’m also a bit concerned so I thought I’d do a little studying myself.

 It appears the tiny earphone we think ‘won’t hurt’, is actually worse than the ones we wear on the outside. As these phones sit closer to the eardrum, they create more sound pressure than other earphones, increasing the risk of damage.

 If we hear ringing in your ears or if things sound muffled after listening to the earphone, we’ve likely overdone it. Usually the problem subsides, but listening to loud music regularly, with any type of headset, could lead to permanent hearing loss.

 Experts find it difficult to give recommendations as every set is different and there’s new ones being invented almost every other day. But recent research suggests limiting usage to one hour or less a day at no more than 60% volume of over-the-ear the styles, meaning the volume should be lesser for styles worn inside the ear.

 It’s also advised to never sleep with the earphones on and to always take plenty of breaks.

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