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 “Nokia will promote Nepali online media” General Manager Nokia

Nokia, the world leader in Mobile communication announced its plans for its business operation in Nepal and its interest to support the web industry, at a press conference yesterday.
Nokia will start its operation through Neoteric Nepal, a member of Golcha Organization and Paramount Electronics, a subsidiary of Vishal Group from the
coming week.
Nokia’s General Manager for the Emerging Asia group, Mr. Prem Prakash Ch
and showed his commitment and interest in the web industry of Nepal.
eNasha.com bring’s to you a special interview with Mr Chand.

Q What is your marketing strategy for Nepal?

PC: Nokia has always been for the people. We are making sure that we understand the local people, understand their needs and act accordingly. We are introducing this global brand with local affinity.

Q. You are focusing on mobility and the use of internet through your products. What does that indicate?

PC: That means that Nokia is an internet company and we have recognized the potential of internet and its unlimited resources. We want our customers to enjoy the internet and its unlimited rescources on the go. That is why our products are having an internet based interface. 

Q: What about the Nepali online media? Will you incorporate them on your promotional plans?

PC: If they have potential why not? We will conduct a research of the local online media market and if it has the required penetration, I must say we might come up with sets which will have built in shortcuts to certain websites and portal just like MSN and Yahoo.

We will use available popular portals for promotion if they have the reach.

Q: Can we expect Nokia to organize an international event in Nepal?

PC: Yes, we are looking forward to organize events in Nepal. This is a beautiful country and has a lot of potential. Being the GM of the Emerging Asia group, I must admit that EA group made up of Bangladesh, Maldives, Srilanka and Nepal, is an organization with limited resources but a lot of potential, once we develop our resources my next event will be in Kathmandu.

Q: How will Nokia contribute to the Advertising industry of Nepal?

PC: We follow the global marketing communication campaigns in most of our promotion efforts, but this does not mean that we do not care about the local market. We usually localize the ad campaigns. For example we have had special campaigns in Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh. If required we will use competent ad agencies to help us.

Q: How did you find Nepal?

PC: It’s wonderful; I think Kathmandu has better night life than Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh. People here are warm and charming. I am sure this is not my last visit here.

-Kshitij Regmi

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