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Drying out?

The sun is hot and the winds are dry. It is the time of the year when you are liable to lose the precious water in your body through perspiration alone. If you aren’t replacing the loss with enough of water intake, you may dry up from within. Without realizing it you are dehydrating.

Dehydration is the situation when a person loses more water than he intakes. In summer, even a minute’s work in the sun is capable of making one sweat in streams.

You can know if you’re getting dehydrated if you feel the following symptoms.

-          You feel thirsty and have a parched mouth.

-          You find it hard to focus in smaller details, or concentrate on anything.

-          You find it hard to remember things.

-          You tire easily.

-          You pass less urine and its dark yellow in color.

-          When things start to worsen, you’ll feel dizzy and light headed.

-          If you’re feeling all that and too sick to even stand up, you are dehydrated! Visit a doctor right away.

Being sick is no way to celebrate a hot but fun summer. Avoid getting dehydrated by following these precautions:

-          Drink plenty of water, especially if you are expending a lot of energy like in sports or work, if you are sick and if you find your self perspiring a lot.

-          Schedule exercises or sports in the early mornings or afternoons when the sun isn’t strong.

-          Avoid walking and working in the sun if possible.

-          Dress appropriately. Wear light and cool clothes. A hat is very much recommended. Carrying an umbrella is also a good idea.

-          If you’re sick drink a lot of fluids in tiny sips.

-          Stay away from caffeine in coffee, sodas, and tea as caffeine can cause you to urinate more frequently than you usually need to.


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