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Smelly and wet sweat

Whether you’re young and ambitious or you’re young and restless, looking and feeling good is always a thing to prioritize. Besides, no one ever likes to think he is old. So you groom and you accessorize to look your best before heading out. Then disaster strikes - your armpits turn soggy and the sweat stains your clothing. With the hot and humid summers in Kathmandu, most Kathmanduties already find themselves in the disaster zone.

Having to meet people with leaky faucets under your arm pits, especially if it’s your business clients or your boss; or someone important to you, like your crush or soon to be father-in-law; or just having to walk down the busy streets of New road, can be a horrible experience. And it doesn’t stop there, besides the visibly soaked armpits comes a terrible smell. Instead of the attracting people, you send them scurrying away. And you know you can’t blame them, you’d run away if you could too!

Why do we sweat and why does it smell? Is there any thing we can do about it? Let’s look at the causes first.

Our bodies tend to sweat to cool down itself when its temperature rises. Essential for normal functioning, our skin has some 2-5 million eccrine sweat glands which produce thin, salty sweat. This sweat itself does not smell. But, in hairier parts, such as the armpits and groin, there are apocrine sweat glands which release stronger sweat. Bacteria find this sweat favorable for breeding. These bacteria break down sweat to produce fatty acids. It is these fatty acids that give off the acrid, penetrating, pungent, smell.

A simple method to ward off sweat and body odor are mainly deodorants and anti-perspirants. Antiperspirants work by blocking your sweat ducts with aluminum salts, thereby reducing the amount of perspiration that reaches your skin. Deodorants eliminate odor but not perspiration and are usually alcohol-based and turn your skin acidic, making it less attractive to bacteria. Deodorants often contain perfume fragrances intended to mask the odor of perspiration. However aluminium is thought to be harmful to health. If you don’t fancy the idea of clogging your skin pores with aluminium, you can choose from deodorants and anti-perspirants formulated with anti-bacterial essential oils or natural mineral salt.

Something to note is Antiperspirants can cause irritation or even contact dermatitis — red, swollen, itchy skin. On the other hand, deodorants, especially herbal deodorants, may be less irritating for most people. Anti perspirants and deodorants seem to work differently for different people, so choosing one is more about finding the right one for you through trail and error. 


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