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Get involved: World Environment Day

Today, Tuesday the 5th of June, is world environment day. Celebrated in over more than 100 countries in the world, world environment day was established in 1972 by the United Nations general assembly with a purpose of focusing world wide attention on the importance of the environment and to stimulate political attention and action.

Our environment is subject to rapid degradation due to pollution and careless, over utilization of the earth’s resources. Climate change is threatening wild life and vegetation and will ultimately affect us. Let us grow aware of the importance of the environment. Make a decision to get involved this Tuesday in world environment day. Individually, each of us can make a contribution; collectively we can make a difference.

Climate change is the worst form of environmental degradation the world is facing today. Here are some ways you can play your role in environment preservation.

  • Carbon gases are the main cause of global warming. Responsible for the green house effect, carbon gases mostly come from the exhaust pipes of vehicles and factory chimneys. Make sure your vehicle isn’t participating by maintaining it properly.
  • Use recyclable goods. Recycle papers and glasses and avoid eco-unfriendly plastics. Recycling paper saves trees and consumes less energy.
  • Preserve power. When not in use, turn off lights and other appliances. More energy consumption demands more consumption of resources. |
  • Preserve water. Water is a precious commodity. Use it wisely.
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. Specially those that burn the longest each day. Compact fluorescents produce the same amount of light as normal bulbs, but use about a quarter of the electricity and last ten times as long. Each switch you make helps clean the air today, curb global warming, and save you money on your electricity bill.
  • Switch to Green Power for your electricity.  It’s so easy to do and will not only reduce your greenhouse pollution, but also help support our renewables industry.
  • Compost your food and garden waste... and buy foods that are grown locally and are in season, to cut down on transport.
  • Where possible walk, ride or take public transport.
  • Encourage your family and friends to do likewise! Spread the awareness of the importance of preserving the environment.

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