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Nailing nail fashion

-Arati Gurung

It was only last week that I encountered 30 three inch nails on 3 highschool girls. Decked in their school uniforms, their nails made them look like aliens from outer space. Pink and blue eye shadows, with earrings that dangle in ten places and hair clips that poked out from all corners of the head and then those nails… gosh, I am noone to judge anyone but honestly how well can anyone work, let alone write with nails almost as long as their fingers?

Nail care and beauty is an important part of being attractive. There is no point in looking like a thousand bucks in the face and cloth department while your nails are dirty and brittle. Bring your hand forward and that thousand dollar look goes down the drain, and you can’t always walk with your hands behind you, can you? And to think that nailpolish can cover up ignored nails at the last minute, is not thinking right.

It is important to have healthy nails (I do not know how healthy 3 inch nails are supposed to be), it is also important to let your nails breathe now and then by keeping them off nail polish.

Healthy nails are those that are strong, pink and shiny without having to depend on any polish. The pinkness of the nail is due to the blood beneath them; such nails are the result of a healthy diet and regular care. If you need to know a person’s health status, look at their nails, it’s one of the easiest indicators.

Expensive manicures and pedicures are wonderful for healthy nails, but they’re not the only solution. We can add shine to our nails by massaging coconut oil or olive oil on them. Cleaner and shinier nails can also be acquired by putting the fingertips into half a lemon and twisting it back and forth.

Many people have the habit of biting nails, it usually occurs when they’re nervous, when they’re alone and when they’re thinking, all of which is most of the time. For this habit, there is a special nailpolish in the market that gives out a bitter taste whenever you dip your nail into your mouth. The polish is available in pretty colors and also transparent shades for men who want to break the habit.

I’ve seen people cut their nails immediately after showering, which is not done. Never cut your nails when they’re wet, because they’re very weak at the time and as a result can tear at the cuticles.

As far nail fashion is concerned, women should never go overboard with nail colors, paint your nails according to the place and occasion. For men, the sexiest trend has always been clean, shiny, cut nails. The idea of letting the nail on the pinky finger grow is just as horrifying as 3 inch nails, never be seen with something like that.

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