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Increasing your memory

Some people can retain so much of information at one reading or simply by listening. How do they do it? Are they simply different from us mentally? If you have trouble memorizing or retaining information, this article may help you, provided you are mentally of sound health.

The first impression that comes to mind when we hear the term memory increase, is probably that of a computer. With computers, it’s easy; all you need is some money and know the correct memory card to buy. With people though, it is a little bit different. No, actually, it’s a whole lot different.

The human brain, unlike computer chips is built differently and processes in a way that even engineers have not been able to mimic in their creations. But thankfully, we don’t have to know all that to sharpen our memory. 

As intellectual beings there is no doubt that having a good memory can be very beneficial. From struggling students to well established VIPs more memory gives us an advantage over our peers and competition. In such an intellectual and informative world, our ability to retain information and recall them when needed is often the difference between winning and losing. Here is how you can program those necessary data into your brain.

To improve ones ability the first and foremost necessity is to be able to pay attention. To store anything in your mind, it is necessary that it enters into it. To pay attention is to filter out the unnecessary details and only taking in the required information. Attention span can be improved gradually.

Making use of more than one of our senses helps in absorbing the subject material easier. Try to relate information to colors, textures, smells and tastes. For students, reading a text out loud, writing it on paper and reciting it from memory are good ways to memorize texts.

Different people have different preferences when it comes to memorizing data. Find out which one works best for you and capitalize on that. Try linking the data to other things you already know, or associate them with visual images, sentences or a word.

Sometimes the information we need to memorize may be very complex. To memorize such info it is necessary that you break up and learn it in more simple terms rather than a complex whole. When you understand the basics of a complex piece of information, committing it to memory becomes less difficult.

The main secret to long term memory however like in all other cases of perfection is the constant repetition of the learnt matter. In other words constant and periodic revising will help you retain the information in your mind for longer periods of time.

Remember that the human mind is like a blunt knife. The more you scrape it, the sharper it becomes.

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