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Anger: not all the rage!

We’ve seen people who look as harmless and docile as calves and sometimes we’ve also seen these peaceful calves charge like a bull does at the sight of the color red! Do you know someone who always seems to be angry and has broken more things in fury than he can remember of? What’s wrong with these people?

These people suffer from the inability to manage their anger. Many people have issues with anger without knowing it. For example, just because you don’t express your anger or don’t ever feel angry enough to explode, doesn’t mean you don’t suffer from anger problems. Anger issues come in many forms!

Anger, when uncontrolled, has destructive effects on an individual’s personality, personal growth and relationships with his near and dear ones. It’s a heavy price to pay! To see if you have any issues with anger, read the following and make sure.

Your anger may be a matter of concern if;

  •  You cannot get over your anger. What would have been over a long time for others does not hold the same for you. Like lava at the core of the earth, the anger within you keeps burning, waiting to erupt. If you are the one to hold a grudge, you are in this category.

  • Frustration and irritation is also another form of anger problem. Disappointment and unsatisfied with life, you accept these emotions instead of anger. As a result you are angry with the way your life is.

  • Another negative attitude that can indicate the anger problems you face is the sarcastic and skeptical attitude you hold towards yourself and those around you. Either you repel everyone with your nasty remarks or you disguise your judgment as jokes.

  • Amazing as it may seem, people who never get angry also have anger problems. If you’ve ever felt amazed at your self for not getting angry when you should be, you are suffering from the inability to release your anger.

  • If you find yourself getting angry frequently, even when anger is not necessary, you need to reduce your anger and work on managing your anger in a positive, constructive way.

  • When you get angry enough to be aggressive – verbally and physically and find yourself acting on impulse without thinking of the consequences.

Having read the above points, if you realize that you have an anger problem, you should focus on expressing or releasing it in a more healthy and positive way. Keep logging in to find out how.


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