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A few tricks in photography

With the arrival of digital cameras, taking pictures has never been easier, faster and in a sense cheaper. You may shoot and save them in your computer and choose those you want to print. Unlike camera’s that require negatives, learning to become a better photographer with a digital camera is much affordable in a sense. With your digital camera you can start experimenting and improve your photography skills. With a little know how you can take better pictures.

Make use of the sunlight to get better pictures. Keep the sun opposite or to one side of your subject. Doing so brings out the color and the shades and may give some beautiful shadow effects. Taking good pictures when the sun is strong may be difficult. Try it when the sun isn’t so strong like in the mornings and evenings for a softer lighting.

A close up shot of a person is better than a picture taken from a far. When taking pictures of people try to get as close as possible and remove any unwanted distractions.

When taking pictures of something extraordinary big, include people or some other form into the picture, so that when viewing the picture, the viewer gets an idea of its magnitude.

If you are going on a trip or some function, add variety to your shots. Take horizontal and vertical shots, up close and wide angle shots and so. Giving variety to your shots will spice up your album.

You may consider adding depth to your shots by adding a contrasting theme. Believe it or not you can give your picture a 3D effect. When taking pictures of distant objects, put a person or object in the front. This contrast can be exaggerated by a wide angle lens.

You can always learn from expert photographers. Examine their work closely and how they’ve managed to make use of the natural surroundings to enhance their subject. All good images may have some elements in common. Try to find out these and use them in your pictures too.

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