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Some hate it, some feel the need to show off and some feel pleased enough to tip. No matter whatever one is feeling while tipping, it is something that has become a necessity after receiving some service from a service provider. Tipping has become just as mandatory as paying the bill and VAT themselves. Restaurants, bars, bellboys and room service in hotels, home delivery and service are some of the services for which you are expected to tip.

The truth is the people who work in the hospitability industry depend on your tips to make ends meet. But then again, how much do you tip? If you tip to low, you’ll be seen as a cheapskate, tip too much and you’ll be seen as ignorant. Tipping may depend on the standard of the place and the quality of service provided. Here listed are some situations that require tipping and the amount considered normal for tipping.

Restaurants: It is usually fair to tip a 15 to 20 percent of the cost, VAT excluded. However if you feel you have received a not so good service, you may leave over a lesser amount.

Home delivery: To tip the home delivery guy, like for example the pizza delivery guy, a 10 to 15 percent of the cost should be enough. If you wish you can also tip the newspaper guy. Other home delivery services like furniture, repair man or flower delivery can also be tipped as you wish. Though you may say “Chiya khane paisa” or “Bus bhada”, don’t take it in the literal sense and tip them with a mere 20/25 rupees. Use your intuition and measure the tip on the level of trouble they went through to get your task done.

Bars and coffee shops: A 10 to 15 percent of the bill would be considered nice at bars and coffee shops. Tipping the bartender per drink will however see you get better and faster service.

Hotels: The doorman, the bell staff, the maids and the room service all expect tips. You may tip the doorman and the bell staff with a hundred or so rupees, and the maids a little more than that. You may have to tip the room service a 15 to 20 percent (same as in a restaurant).

Tipping customs differ from place to place and from nation to nation. What is a respectable tip here in Nepal may not hold the same in a foreign country. Make a research of the tipping patterns in a foreign location before you go there.

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