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As if we’ve not had enough already

-Arati Gurung

There was so much raving about the movie, I decided to rent a DVD myself. Although I knew what to expect, I couldn’t sit through the movie without feeling shock and amazement. ‘Shootout at Lokhanwala’ is a film that promotes violence like anything.

I have heard there are Indian movies more horrid than this one; I can’t understand why.

Granted that the movie speaks about the serious issue of increasing crime rates in a country in the absence of a special police unit, but I’m still adamant - is all that display of violence necessary?

The message of the movie is overshadowed by the countless shooting, stabbing and smearing of blood. The antagonists’ senseless killing and their psyched behavior is glorified with cool background music and low angle shots, covering almost 80% of the movie. With such tremendous show of violent power, which young mind wouldn’t be influenced?

Agreed that movies should be realistic, but also to ponder upon is how these movies exaggerate real life situations. It is important to remember that this exaggeration of stories don’t always have intended impacts on the public.

The world has enough of violence as it is and movies that try to display this violence should try to downplay it, not highlight it.

So even if the movie may have a good message or good actor performance, I cannot recommend watching S.O.A.L as ‘a movie to watch’. Who am I to say so? Someone a movie is made for, someone who makes up the public, an individual who can make a difference.

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