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Fashion your shape


Women often make terrible mistakes by wearing the clothes that are trendy in vogue. Whatever maybe in the fashion, remember that, there are hundreds of designs available in the market but that doesn't mean all of them are designed for you. So, the best way to look great is to rather know your body shape.

It's always good to follow the Fashion Do's and Don'ts but make sure that applies to you and your body type rather than that of some HOT models or actors! Women mostly get depressed and go through this miserable situation when they have plenty of money in their pocket to buy one of those modish gowns but unfortunately can't wear it because it just doesn't fit them! We see hundreds of clothes that look great on hangers but as soon as you put it on your body, you want to take it off. Either it's looks awful on your short legs or it's too baggy on the hips or too tight in the thighs and rear. All those, "fits to die for" may not be meant for you. So, knowing your own body is the main fashion mantra.

For example, if you know you are short, go for something that elongates your body and add some extra inches? A good trick to elongate your legs is to wear straight pants that cover your shoes. Wearing long skirts make your legs look even shorter.

If you have hips that are wider than the chest and shoulders, try to draw the attention away from the bottom and up to the chest and the face. So, wear cleavage revealing outfits and backless and halters. If you are a tall woman, avoid tight clothes and skirts that are too short or too long. Likewise, top heavy women look good in long jackets without the shoulder pads.

The well dressed people always dress according to their body shapes and type. We should look at ourselves and know what we are and what looks great on us. Let’s not rely too much on "what is in fashion". Always wear what looks good on you and makes you feel the best. Remember, dressing smart is the only way to look hot and gorgeous. So, FASHION YOUR SHAPE!

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