10 reasons why women should have short hair

-Arjun Gurung

 Last week the members of "Jobless Guys Desperate for Jobs (JGDJ)" sat at a meeting and discussed on an important topic. But after a couple of "refreshment drinks" the main topic diverged into "10 reasons why woman should have short hair." Here is the list of reasons the guys came up with.

  1. All the guys all agreed that shorter hair should be made compulsory as it cost less in maintenance.
  2. The longer the hair found in food the more gross it feels.
  3.  Longer hair requires longer praises. Shortening those locks would save us some breath.

  4. A survey showed that the couples in which the females had shorter hair made it more on time to any place than those in which the females had longer hair.
  5. Shorter hair looks prettier - especially when the blouse has an open back.
  6. The unfortunate male pillion riders found their luck to be worse when having to take a lift with women with long hair.
  7. All hair on the female body is best when kept shortest as possible.  The length of the hair on the head must however be considered a bit differently.
  8. Shorter hair was found to be less troublesome by the laborers of love. When the female partner had shorter hair, productivity in the bed was said to increase.
  9. Long hair is for the guys now. Short is for the girls.   So ladies are requested to pass their hairbands to their guys already.

    Members of the JGDJ never reached the 10th point. The refreshment drinks proved to be a bit too much.

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