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Sex of an occupation

Even in the 21st century, the professional world is still gender biased. There are jobs that are still stereotype. Our society defines the roles the sexes must play. Any deviation from these stated roles is looked upon with much scorn. There are many people out there who have given up their dream jobs just because the jobs of their choosing didn’t suit their gender. Men are discouraged from jobs like nursing, social work, house keeping or fashion and interior designing. Men who have are often doubted by others on their sexuality. Similarly women are not usually welcome in jobs that traditionally require more physical and mental strength like in the case of armed services, construction and science and technology.

The lack of positive support from ones family and friends is one of the major culprits that contribute to this view of gender discrimination in job holdings. Even when a person wants to take a job that he dreams of, he is discouraged and persuaded to look for other alternatives. Alternatives that better suit his “sex”. Most of the people even are even made feel unwelcome in non traditional careers. Women specially face ridicule in the work place from their male co workers. They are looked upon as incapable performers and as a threat. As a result they are often sexually harassed. Also lack of well established people and superiors of the same sex in a non traditional career can be a disadvantage. Otherwise such people would be there to help you, guide you and protect you in your career.

If you are interested in a job that is considered not to be that of the sex you belong to, think carefully before you decide. As mentioned above, choosing a non traditional occupation may be a difficult thing to deal with. However there are some benefits to it if you are really interested. Besides from being able to follow your dreams, you get more attention in your work. If you do a good job every one will notice as it gets magnified. Women can expect higher pays while working at the same level as the men. Men can expect better positions as men are naturally viewed as possessing leadership qualities and authority. By choosing a non traditional occupation, you are setting an example to the others and contributing to a change for the better. When it comes to occupation, we should all realize that it is sexless.


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