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Wimbledon is “in the zone”

-Arjun Gurung

You can’t avoid it and you can’t miss it. Wimbledon is back. It’s “in the zone”. It’s a sure hit!

Tennis, one of the most popular sports in the world, gets hotter at this time of the year. Wimbledon or more precisely “The Championships, Wimbledon” is the oldest event in the world of tennis. Scheduled every June and July, Wimbledon is without any doubt the most prestigious tournament in the sport.

There are four majors in tennis, Wimbledon being one of them. Played on grass court, the tournament attracts the top professionals and viewers alike. Big names attend to watch the pro’s take on one another. Celebrities like Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Jack Nicholson and Cliff Richard are known to frequent Wimbledon matches.

Besides being the oldest tennis tournament and a major, tennis fanatics love Wimbledon more than any other tournament for the fact that it is played on a grass court. A grass court is the fastest court and hence the toughest surface to play on. A grass court has a grass surface which is grown on very hard packed soil. Depending on the condition of the grass, the speed of the court varies. If the condition of the grass is well and has been recently mowed, the balls will bounce off the surface faster and lower. Such conditions favor those players who can serve really hard. Remember the sensational maiden Grand slam victory of the wildcard Goran Ivanisevic over Patrick Rafter in 2001? Ivanisevic had lost in the final of Wimbledon three times in the 90’s. However his aces bagged him the title in the end.

Wimbledon has become more than just a tournament. It has become more like a ritual, something undeniable. It comes once a year and is eagerly awaited and welcomed with joy when it does arrive. For the next two weeks or so, all tennis fans around world keep track of the progress of the event.  

This year everyone’s eyes are on the reigning world champion Roger Federer and the young and sensational Rafael Nadal. Over on the women’s side Justine Henin and Maria Sharapova are the ones to watch. Federer and Sharapova have the advantage over their rivals as they are grass court specialists.

However, like with all sports tennis isn’t all that predictable- It wouldn’t be fun if it were! And with Wimbledon, the servings are better!!   

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