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Weekend Movie Watch

Saturday comes but once a week and many are the things to do! Like cleaning your home, inviting relatives for lunch, giving your dog a bath…and another dozen or so things you care to conjure up. Or you can once again take our advice and pamper yourself with a good movie or two. We have already taken the trouble of suggesting you two movies this week. Check out the two given below.

Live Free or Die Hard

Cast: Bruce Willis, Justin Long, Maggie Q, Timothy Olyphant, Jonathan Sadowski, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Yorgo Constantine
Director: Len Wiseman
Screenplay: Mark Bomback
Story: Mark Bomback, David Marconi
Producer: John McTiernan, Bruce Willis, Arnold Rifkin
Director of Photography: Simon Duggan

The fourth chapter of die hard is here and Bruce Willis is back to punching and kicking some bad asses. For those who loved “Die hard” and were disappointed by its sequels, this movie makes up for the previous shortcomings.

Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) is a former government employee who turns sour after 9/11. Angered by the indifferent attitude of the feds, he launches a cyber attack to bring down the U.S defense system. He is supported in his evil scheme by the Hong Kong action hottie Maggie Q who plays as Mai Linh. To stop these villains and save the country, the FBI summon New York police detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) to the case. With the help of a computer hacker Matt Farrell (Justin Long), McClane is all set to save his country.

With actions scenes like McClane’s patrol car flying into a helicopter like a missile and a harrier jet chase blended with humor from McClanes sardonic wise cracks makes this movie an interesting watch.


Director:  Mohit Suri 
Producer:  Mukesh Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt 
Cast:  Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Saran, Mrinalini Sharma, Rehan Khan, Ashutosh Rana
Music:  Pritam

The movie is about a young man Shivam (Emraan Hashmi) caught in the crossroads of life. Shivam works for an gangster boss Malik (Ashutosh Rana) who owns a chain of hotels in Hong Kong. Shivam is a jaded guy, tired of his troublesome past. He lives the life that has no hope, he puts his past behind him and yet he sees no future.

One day his boss Malik gives him a strange order – to look after his mistress, a woman named Reema (Shreya Saran), a Pakistani victim of human trafficking, purchased in the flesh market of Bangkok. Smitten with Reema’s innocence and vulnerability, Shivam feels the winds of change stirring within him. Reema also gives him reasons to believe she likes him. Result is Shivam begins to believe, he begins to see a future for himself. The fact however is something else. Reema is only using Shivam to open herself an escape route from the clutches of Malik. She has a boyfriend hidden else where.

When Shivam gets struck with this bitter truth, he once again falls back into the bottomless pit he was in. Torn between the choice of helping a love that used him and staying true to the hand that feeds him, Shivam has to make a decision that’ll more than change his life.
Shot in Hong Kong and Bangkok, Awarapan is an intense and compelling drama about love, passion and betrayal.


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