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iPhone: Another Fruit in the Apple Tree

US firm Apple has recently launched long-awaited iPhone at the annual Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Users will be able to download music and videos with the phone, It is regarded by apple as a “Magical Device” and aims at revolutionizing the phone industry.

The phone, which will cost from $499 (£257) to $599, (Npr 45000-55000 Approx) will be launched in the US in June and Europe later this year, Businessmen and gizmo freaks in Nepal  are waiting for the wonder device to add up jewels in their crowns.
Why iPhone?

Apart from the combination of the trendsetting iPod and a phone it has an exciting feature of a blank screen that users configure so they can operate the monitor with their fingers No conventional buttons but large "multi-touch" screen. It also has a full touch keyboard is available for text messaging and there is a built-in two mega pixel camera.

iPhone runs on Apple’s OS X operating system and will come in two versions - one with 4GB of storage space, the other with 8GB.

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