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Use baking soda to cleanse your clothes!

Baking soda is a miracle concoction! Its uses are not only limited to cooking – it can also be used in your laundry! Yes, baking soda is a natural cleaner. It has been known to brighten clothes, remove stains and odor and soften fabric. But baking soda for washing?? Don’t worry. If you can use it for cooking, you can be assured that it won’t harm your clothing.
Here’s how the magic of baking soda can be used in your laundry (room).

For whiter and brighter clothes add ½ cup baking soda to your laundry. Older linens will also benefit by this, as they’ll look newer than they really are.

To treat acidic stains, quickly rinse the stain and dab some baking soda on to it. The ugly sweat stains that peek from under your armpits in this sweltering heat are also acidic. If the stain has already dried out, you can neutralize it by adding baking soda while washing.  

If you want to give your fabrics that soft touch, add a half cup baking soda in the laundry during the rinse cycle.

If your cloth is reeking of smells, you can use baking sodas here too. Simply soak the laundry in the soda and water combination for some time before washing. Clothes that reek of gasoline or motor oil should be sprinkled with baking soda and then placed in a bag and sealed tightly. Let the clothes remain in the bag for a day or two before washing them. Clean spit ups and vomit odor from baby clothes by rubbing dry baking powder on them.

If you have stuffed toys and you need to spot clean them, you can also rub dry baking powder on the stain to clean it up.
You can clean your washing machine with some baking soda and a brush. If you plan to go on a long vacation, you might want to consider sprinkling baking soda in your washing machine drum. This will prevent molds from appearing in it when not used in a long time.  

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