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Longer days, shorter skirts

“In the summer time when the weather is fine…” is one of the songs that plays in my mind when I see the fairer sex walking around in short skirts.They're everywhere, from Jawalakhel to Newroad to Thamel!When the days are longer, it seems that the skirts need to be shorter!! Some women seem to know what they are doing, while some, like our political leaders, don’t seem to have any clue!!!

If worn to the advantage to your body type, short skirts can make you look hot while staying cool. When worn against the capacity of what your figure can support, you could be a walking fashion disaster. For your sake and the sake of man – kind, please follow these tips when you decide to bare some legs.

Skirts whose hemlines fall anywhere from 2 to 7 inches above the knee is considered to be a miniskirt. Anything shorter than that may fall in the micro mini category. However with women differing widely in terms of height, this rule may find some exceptions. The best length for a miniskirt is therefore a matter that requires personal measurement. Stand upright with your shoulders back and head straight and drop your hands to your sides. If the fingertips just about reach the hemline then that is the appropriate length for a decent miniskirt.
Women who are blessed with hour glass figures may not have that much of a difficulty in finding a miniskirt that will flatter them, as long as they do not wear anything that distorts their figure. However those who aren’t so blessed may have to spend some extra time in the changing room.

Most miniskirts will look good on women who have slim bodies if they are to add some dimension to their body. You can achieve such an illusion by wearing a skirt that has horizontal stripes or other patterns that suggest width. Or you can wear bulkier clothes at the top to disturb the parallel figure.

If you are wider at the waist line or pear shaped, you should go for the longer miniskirts. Just a couple of inches short of the knees will do you better. Opt for straight minis or ones that are slightly wider at the bottom.

Women who are heavier at the top, or apple shaped also have it relatively easy as they have slender legs that’ll look good in just about any length of skirt. However for the overall look, such women can make use of flares in a miniskirt to achieve a more balanced look.

Wearing miniskirts may also get that unwanted attention. You can always keep them to a minimum by wearing a not to sexy top, like a not too revealing or too tight tops.

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