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Junk food culture

Ramesh, having partied till the late hours the previous night, wakes up late in the morning. So late in fact, he doesn’t even have time for a decent breakfast and so just rushes to office. He barely makes it on time. Hungry, he orders a burger from a café nearby. During the afternoon lunch break he gorges on some chowmein. At night, it’s a few cans of beer and a pizza that is delivered at his doorstep. And that is more or less his eating habits - junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

With busier life styles and easy access to it, we, Kathmanduities are becoming more inclined to accepting junk food as the alternative to a decent meal. With numerous “instant” products and fast food outlets, junk foods rule the city.  

Junk food is a term given to food that is considered to be poor in nutritional value and loaded with fat, sugar, salt and artificial food additives. Junk food lacks those proteins, vitamins, fiber and calcium that is required for the proper growth and functioning of the human body.

Junk foods are so popular with the consumers because they taste good and are convenient. Producers are encouraged by this fact and the fact that junk food is easier and cheaper to produce. Suppliers promote these stuffs because they are easy to store and have long shelf life. So getting the consumer to avoid junk food requires an effort at multiple levels through multiple channels.

However as an educated individual, you must make the effort to know the right from the wrong. Junk food isn’t totally bad provided you have at least two square decent and nourishing meals. Junk or Fast food should not be the main diet and must be limited. As mentioned above, junk food lack the necessary nutrition and are only full of empty calories. If you continue to only consume junk food or visit fast food restaurants more frequently than necessary, you may become the victim of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and dental cavities.

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