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Meet Nepal's most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.  We feature some of the most desirable, popular, talented, influential and successful names from the media, sports, entertainment and the corporate world! Check them out!

Pukar Malla

Hi- On: Looks, Personality, Talent

He’s 30, not sure about flirty, but he’s definitely got an impressive resume that any lady could be amazed at a blink of an eye. Pukar Malla is the bachelor you ought to know more about! Currently pursuing a Masters degree in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Malla’s list of qualifications is like never ending…seriously!! Phew! From Master’s to Ph.D.’s and back to Masters. Nevertheless, if there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss out on our “Romeo” is that he played as one in the stage play “Romeo and Juliet” at one of his colleges. Now, that’s not an easy job to pull off, ok may be for him and no wonder, in his leisure time, he enjoys theatre, fashion and poetry. Malla is co-leading a global Nepali youth movement, Nepal Ko Yuwa, with many organizations and individuals spread globally. He is also the Vice-President of the Computer Association of Nepal-USA, a technology non-profit in the US, working towards technological progress of Nepal and professional development of its members.
Why we love him
He’s a soft spoken person of a gentleman nature and even after having achieved so much success at a young age, Malla is down-to-earth without any arrogance. Academically he can blow your mind but he’s also got the looks!! He’s already been a featured model on cybersansar.com and has acted in Nepali music videos. Having worked in high-tech companies abroad, he could’ve never bothered to look back. But he doesn’t forget where he’s from and wants to do his best to help his home country Nepal prosper. High time we learnt to be like him!!
Ripe-O-Meter  Result for Pukar Malla = Ripe n Ready
[ Ripe-O-Meter indicates the eligibility for marriage as per the person's age. ]
Friends call you (nickname):
Puku, Pukey


Star Sign:


Harvard University

Education Qualification:
MPA Candidate (Harvard University) and PhD in Electrical Engineering with Minor in Business Management (Cornell University)

Hobbies/ Interests:
Society, Poetry, Theatre, Fashion, Nature, Art, Fitness

Describe yourself ::
I am a simple Nepali who is passionate and persistent. I enjoy doing things differently. I savor simplicity and elegance. It is quite hard to annoy me. I find humility to be one of the most adorable assets in anyone. I like to begin with a big picture. I choose to hold a constant positive attitude, which sometimes gets me into trouble. I listen and wait for my turn. I want to live life to the fullest. I am deeply connected with my family. Nepal is a big part of who i am and what i do. I respect our culture but there are some inequalities and misconceptions that i find difficult to abide by. I am constantly aiming towards creative changes that have a long lasting social impact. I strongly believe in 'lead by action.' I have a lot to learn, a lot to grow and a lot of fun to have.

What are you passionate about? :
Living life, igniting impact

What physical attributes of the opposite sex attract you?:
eyes and figure

And who would you pick for the tag of sexiest woman alive?:
Angelina Jolie

From 1 to 10 rate your sex appeal.:
it's for her to decide ...

How much can you commit into a relationship?:

You prefer women wearing?:
What makes them feel comfortable

Your idea of a romantic date?:
an evening lake-side stroll - peeking sun, light breeze and rustling leaves every now and then!

What would you wear on a hot date?:
depends on the chemistry. above all, a pleasant attitude.

Turn you on by?:
humility and elegance

It’s a date deal breaker when (what turns you off)?:

What you don’t understand about women? :
how sometimes things change so suddenly (smiles)

Biggest misconception about men? :
that all men are alike.

According to you, marriage is::
growing old together (while staying forever young, of course!)

You believe in::
  • love marriage
  • arranged marriage
  • doesnt matter
    He chose: love marriage

    And the reason?:
    to feel the chemistry of changing situations

    You prefer (chose one):
  • same – caste marriage
  • any caste, doesn’t matter
    He chose: any caste, doesn’t matter

    And the reason? (optional):
    we are much more than our castes

    Qualities you seek in your life partner?:
    Love, trust, respect and understanding. It's both ways!

    What do you think is the best part of being unmarried?:
    can move jobs and cities anytime! (smiles)

    What do you think would be the best part of being married?:
    being with someone who truly cares about me

    What aspect of bachelor life would you wish to see it continue after tying the nuptials?:
    my passion for social change and living Life!

    How would you describe your sexual preference? (chose one):
  • partner who is just ok in bed (sex is not priority for him/her, takes it as a part of martial relationship)
  • good in bed (knows pretty much about the regular stuff)
  • wild in bed (experimental type)
    He chose: good in bed (knows pretty much about the regular stuff)

    How important is it for you for your life partner to be a virgin? :
    i would rather she be faithful.

    Would you forgive your partner if you caught her cheating on you? And the reason why.:
    Though generally a forgiving person, this one will be difficult!

    And what about you, would you expect to be forgiven if your partner found you cheating on her?:
    wouldn't happen.

    Finally, Any thing you'd like to say to all those solo femmes reading your profile right now? :
    You look more beautiful when you smile with kindness!

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