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Parakram Singh Yonzon
Business Personality

Hi- On: Looks, Personality

Parakram Singh Yonzan is a recruitment consultant positioned as a Director at Job Dynamics and Management Dynamics. There are 3 things of Parakram that makes him irresistible (among girls, of course, otherwise he will have really hard time) - personality, smartness and politeness. His good looks and physique perfectly blend with his gentlemanliness and the way he carries himself with just so right dressing style, always makes him an attention grabber. His enterprising nature and his conviction towards his work is his another side that impresses many.
Why we love him
We simply love Parkram's talking skills, how he can talk about anything with anyone; that too with absolute politeness. Be with him for 5 mintues, and you are already liking his company.
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