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Sujita Gurung
Radio Jockey

Hi- On: Fame, Looks, Personality, Talent

The trick to sailing on two boats is time management, and she is an expert. One of the voices from the female brigade of Hits FM 91.2, Sujita Gurung is RJ by enthusiasm, actress by sheer coincidence, dancer by passion… & Oh yes!! Add to her ever bulging resume, aerobics instructor and teacher at Malpi College. On the radio-land she's famously known as "Suji to da A". She digs hip hop music and her dream encounter is Beyonce, she would give anything to meet Shasha Fierce!! So what about Sujita is she the case of sweet dreams or beautiful nightmare? To find out you gotta read on…
Why we love her
Her never say never mantra. That ready to have fun attitude. Her flawlessly beautiful mocha complexion, and the ease with which she moves (oh! we would like to reinstating the fact... she's a fabulous dancer). Spin any tune and the beauty will work it out!! A happy, anything is cool kinda of girl, Suzz babes is easily one of the easiest person to get along with…
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