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Jyoti Shrestha
Video Jockey, Radio Jockey

Hi- On: Fame, Looks, Personality, Talent

Jyoti Shrestha is definitely not an unfamiliar face for us with already five years of VJing at Image Channel. A Bachelor’s in Arts under Mass Communication and Literature graduate, Jyoti is about to start her Master’s in Social Work real soon at St. Xavier’s College. Video Jockeying was something she started as an interest and no doubt, she’s done justice to the job with the right elements required while one is in front of the camera. Listening to music and composing poems are what she lists in her hobbies. Short tempered yet easy to please, Jyoti considers herself as a very emotional person but she knows how to control her feelings very well- one of the qualities of a good VJ. And although she looks all out going and extrovert on TV, in real she’s actually a very reserved and an introvert person. One of her shows is On The Road.
Why we love her
Our 22-year-old bachelorette is young, talented, and enthusiastic! She’s certainly a pretty face which is always a pleasure to see on TV and the energy we witness when she’s in front of the camera is absolutely fabulous…Over all, she does a great job on her shows and at the very watch, she manages to impress you to the max. Therefore, we qualify her as one of our eligibles…
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