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Sraj Garach Karki
Model, Video Jockey, Actor

Hi- On: Fame, Looks, Personality, Talent

Towering over the rest of the crowd, a powerful frame that moves with ease, at first glance he comes across quite forceful. However get closer; get to know Sraj Garach better and he's your regular Joe next door with a smile that can melt your heart like marshmallow kisses. Dreamy bedroom eyes and dark curly hair framing his handsome face, he has that forget me not look. And the man is extending his reach to stardom with his recent foray into the reel-world. An MBS graduate with a sterling portfolio in modeling career, this dreamer of a Gemini is a high roller when it comes to living life KING SIZE!!
Why we love him
The newest kid on the Nepali movie scene--- It’s Sraj for “HOTNESS” -- He gets right down to business when the cameras are rolling and he's good!! In his own words, he describes himself as an entertainer first that wishes to entertain the world with his craft; that includes a modeling career, VJ-ing in NTV2 and acting. But just don't go after looks... he's a sensitive kind.
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