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Ayub K.C.
Model, Actor

Hi- On: Looks, Personality, Talent

We can definitely look out for more from someone whos very passionate about something and is also good at that. And those are the qualities we can find in actor/model Ayub KC!! Starting his modeling career in 2063, you may find Ayub familiar from ads of Quick Cheese Balls, Tuborg Beer, Rumpum and many others. He has already achieved what only a handful of male models have in just three years. With over thirty music videos and a number of television commercials under his belt, hes got more offers flowing in!! In fact, you can expect at least movies as his latest projects: Maya Yo Kasto Maya, Address and Sadak. Now, we can guarantee that the only way hes headed is forward as theres absolutely no looking back for him!
Why we love him
A BBS graduate from Nepal Commerce Campus, Min Bhawan, Ayub is a person full of ambitions in life. To have so much desire, so many plans to undertake is what draws us towards him and also the fact that he graces the ever so attractive zodiac sign of all: Virgo. Hes achieved so much in so less time which has impressed us even more and when asked what difference does he want to bring in the field of modeling or acting, he says he will be focusing on his physicality, you know, reveal his fab six packs of abs. All the best to our guy!
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