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Prazit KC

Hi- On: Personality

Prazit K.C. That's the name you won't remember to forget after knowing the real deal…Currently serving for the United Nations Mission in Darfur, Sudan, he may be a policeman but like no ordinary ones and by representing our country abroad as a peacekeeper, it's absolutely needless to say he's done us proud like anything!! Although a law enforcing figure, he has a different mellow side of his own. With a big appetite for music, he simply loves to travel, collect branded superb sunglasses, perfumes and not to forget, update himself with the new world (as he puts it.) Now as if his hectic schedule was not enough, Prazit has also been able to add “modeling” to his repertoire which of course manages to impress us to the max because you can count the plus point on his…..looks. Well, he's appeared in a number of music videos and if you can recall, he was the one in the very first ad by Nepal Telecom for Namaste Mobile. Yes, a unique personality he is, Prazit K.C. our new most eligible bachelor!
Why we love him
Very kind, sweet and of no harsh nature unlike the kind of policemen people generally think of, Prazit has set himself as a role model for the Police who has updated himself with every modern facility that exist. He's got almost all the qualities that any lady would dream to have in a guy. Our hunk has got the looks, the personality and what more do you need than a very good sense of humor!! That's an absolute catch. He's good in his profession which requires him to be tough yet at the same time, doesn't mind revealing his softer side. That's what we love about Prazit K.C-the man on the spotlight.
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