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Bimlesh Adhikari
Model, Actor

Hi- On: Fame, Looks, Personality, Talent

A model and an actor, Bimlesh Adhikari got his breakthrough from music videos. Most specifically, two: Shiva Pariyar’s Dherai Choti Mare Ma ta and Rupak Dhotel's Sano Maya. With many advertisement skits under his belt, Bimlesh currently has his hands full with roles in serials and his latest movie project will start from this Baisakh. His favourite colours are white and red and “Everything Comes With Time” is the quote that represents him. No surprise for someone like him who knows to move on with everything that heads his way. However, cartoons are something he can never get old for. Watching his favourite show Oggy and Coackraoches is what turns him on. You can catch our ought to know dude in an ongoing serial on Terai Television which happens to be a college based story about three friends. Friendship, love and everything in between. Now, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look out for more from our man on the spotlight- Bimlesh Adhikari.
Why we love him
Fresh and upcoming but with whole lot of potential…That’s Bimlesh Adhikari. Though he might be a “new kid on the block” in the acting scene, he’s already been able to create his one niche in modeling field, from music videos to numerous commercial ads. Some do things totally out of random interests because they’re not what they want to do. But that of course is absolutely not the case with Bimlesh who knows exactly what he’s doing and loves his work to the max. It’s not just modeling and acting he’s into. As a kid, he used to love sketching and so after grooming that very interest of his, he is now also a graphic designer at an advertising agency. He absolutely loves designing, has fun doing it and it also takes him to a whole new world. Now you know what we love about our latest most eligible bachelor of Nepal!
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