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Meet Nepal's most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.  We feature some of the most desirable, popular, talented, influential and successful names from the media, sports, entertainment and the corporate world! Check them out!

Nigam Khanal
Media Personality

Hi- On: Looks, Talent

You take to Nigam Khanal as soon as you see her. There's an endearing sense of humor that never leaves her and an innate sense of style. The dusky beauty is more than eye candy; behind that bubbliness is a brain that's working over drive. She's a thinker!! A quality we really admire. A former RJ of Hits FM 91.2, she did give her listeners sleepless nights with "Emotion in Motion", and very recently worked as a P.R. and Marketing Assistant for Qatar Airways.
Why we love her
Nigam seems easy going but that; you realize is a function of her confidence!! We give her five out of five in that department. Easy on eyes she maybe, but don't take her lightly. She can slay you with her wit and that smile. Currently pursuing her Bachelors in development studies at National College, Baluwatar; her academics are anything less than stellar. Be yourself, is what she advices and we nod in agreement. So here she comes, the belle of the moment, we give you this week's most eligible bachelorette.
Ripe-O-Meter  Result for Nigam Khanal = Ripe n Ready
[ Ripe-O-Meter indicates the eligibility for marriage as per the person's age. ]
Friends call you (nickname):


Star Sign:

Student for now

RJ at Hits FM 91.2 , PR & Markeitng Assisant at Qatar Airways

Education Qualification:
Bachelors of Arts in Development Studies, last semester running

Hobbies/ Interests:

Describe yourself ::
I would like to think, I'm honest,down to earth, hardworking, smart, sweet, passionate, HOT and COOL;)

What are you passionate about? :
Whatever I'm involved in...

What physical attributes of the opposite sex attract you?:
Lips have to be the first thing I notice, followed by color of the eyes and over all physique. Need not be too muscular.

And who would you pick for the tag of sexiest man alive?:
umm umm... Difficult to tag one... Can I like, tag more than just one?

From 1 to 10 rate your sex appeal.:
9.5 ;)

How much can you commit into a relationship?:
Can give my everything for anyone that's right!!

You prefer men wearing?:
Casual wear like jeans and a tee. But a crisp shirt with denim, never fails.

Your idea of a romantic date?:
Oodles of talk at somewhere quiet and peaceful. Weather should be cool, moonlit preferably. Maybe a beach!!

What would you wear on a hot date?:
Anything RED... I've been told that color brings out the best in me...

Turn you on by?:
Wit,humour,honesty, confidence and personality

Itís a date deal breaker when (what turns you off)?:

What you donít understand about men?:

Biggest misconception about women?:
Women are weaker sex and love money, first of all FALSE on both account. And about loving money, honestly who doesn't? Male or Female.

According to you, marriage is::
A sacred bond and this bond should be well respected and not taken for granted.

You believe in::
  • love marriage
  • arranged marriage
  • doesnt matter
    She chose: doesnt matter

    And the reason?:
    As long as love and understanding is present...marriage type shouldn't matter

    You prefer (chose one):
  • same Ė caste marriage
  • any caste, doesnít matter
    She chose: any caste, doesnít matter

    Qualities you seek in your life partner?:
    Intelligence,honesty,modesty,personality,loving,a great understanding for me,patient,hard working(the list will never end hehe)

    What do you think is the best part of being unmarried?:

    What do you think would be the best part of being married?:
    New responsibilities,love and everyting that is shared as husband and wife

    And the reason?:
    Can I choose all three of 'em? What's life without variety??? (Grins)

    How important is it for you for your life partner to be a virgin? :
    Nope!!! It's not important.

    Would you forgive your partner if you caught him cheating on you? And the reason why.:
    No way!! Trust is the most important thing for me in life. And deceit in a relationship is something I can never forgive at any condition. That used to be my mantra on my show "Emotion in Motion", remember guys??

    And what about you, would you expect to be forgiven if your partner found you cheating on him?:
    First of all, I would never do that(the cheating part). But if it did happen the expectation would vary with the circumstances.

    Finally, Any thing you'd like to say to all those solo studs reading your profile right now?:
    If you find my profile interesting... You can imagine how interesting I might be in person, as well ;) wink!! See ya...

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