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Meet Nepal's most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.  We feature some of the most desirable, popular, talented, influential and successful names from the media, sports, entertainment and the corporate world! Check them out!

Aarati Acharya
Video Jockey, Actor

Hi- On: Fame, Looks, Personality, Talent

A VJ and an actress, Aarati Acharya has achieved what many others of her age haven’t in the field. We mostly know her for the role of Sophiya in hit Kantipur TV show College and she’s recently joined the team of NTV-2 Metro to host Play It On- a popular call-in program. With her passion for her work and talent, she rose to popularity in no time! Currently doing her bachelor’s degree, Aarati is not just a pretty face which you’ll notice in the first place because she’s got what it takes to make it big.
Why we love her
Pretty, charming, bubbly, she’s got them all mixed in her nature yet gifted with an attitude that’s fearless. Full of guts, Aarati doesn’t let herself be bothered by what others have to say. She’s very serious in what she does and side by side, she’s also a fun loving person who never gets tired of hanging around with her friends. She maybe young but she’s already got a hint of maturity, a quality which helps her differentiate what is wrong and right. With so much passion and zest in whatever she aims to do, we can be sure the girl is unstoppable! Aarati Acharya can definitely, without a doubt be entitled as one of Nepal’s most eligible bachelorettes!!
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