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Navaneeta Amatya
Media Personality

Hi- On: Fame, Looks, Personality, Talent

She started out young but her inexperience didnít hold her back. The talent that we know as Navaneeta Amatya has blossomed within the span of few years, to a whole new level. A regular on Hits FM 91.2, she's not just a voice on the radio, her face has graced many a tabloids, and what a face!! An angelic beauty, she doesnít mind bringing out the devilish side, whenever required. No wonder, she is oh- so-famously known among her fans as, Naughty Neeta!
Why we love her
Currently a bachelorís student in Social Work at St. Xavierís College, Navaneeta Amatya embodies all of them qualities that make up for a terrific valentine, seriously. Talented, affectionate, poised, sweet, soft spoken and bubbly at the same time, sheís a breeze to hang out with. Speaking of which, making friends for her is never a challenge nor is maintaining a PR. Pretty on eyes, her grace is perfectly complimented by her impeccable sense of fashion. Need we say more? Let us present to you this week's most eligible bachelorette...
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