Chevrolet Aveo

The Chevrolet Aveo is a subcompact car released in 2003 from GM Daewoo, and based on the Daewoo Kalos. In other markets such as the United States and Canada and 2004 in North America, it replaced the slow-selling Daewoo Lanos (Daewoo's North American lineup lasted only from 1999-2002). The Aveo is also a de facto late successor to the Chevrolet Metro subcompact sold only in North America, which had been discontinued in 2000 without a similar replacement. The correct pronunciation of "Aveo" is not clear as some reviewers give it as uh-VAY-oh and others as AH-vay-oh (but Chevrolet Thailand said it was ar-vee-oh). The Chevrolet web site and literature offer no guidance.

The car is based on a GM Daewoo platform called T200, which itself is a replacement for the T100 platform used in Daewoo Lanos. There are no other vehicles using that platform, so the vehicle itself is also referred to as T200.

In North America, 5-door hatchback and 4-door sedan models are sold. The new 2007 Aveo sedan debuted in January 2006 at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show. Sales commenced in North America in August 2006. Additionally, the car is also sold as Pontiac Wave (4-door and 5-door) and Suzuki Swift+ (5-door) in Canada. As of the 2007 model year the Aveo hatchback has been renamed Aveo5 in the USA, conforming with the naming scheme used by GM Canada (where the T200 hatchback has always been called Aveo5). The Aveo is also sold in Latin American countries such as Ecuador (3-door hatchback), Venezuela (3-door 5-door and 4-door), Colombia (3-door and 4-door) and Chile (all body styles).

 Other Markets

The second-generation Aveo sedan will begin Western European sales and replaced the Chevrolet Kalos sedan for 2006. In Eastern Europe, The T200 was sold as Chevrolet Aveo from the very beginning. The T250 (second generation) will replace the T200 (first generation) sedan in 2006, retaining the same name.

The T200 is sold as Chevrolet Aveo in Indonesia and Philippines (5-door only), as well as South Africa and China (5-door and 4-door). The T250 sedan is sold as Chevrolet Lova in China. The T250 was launched in India in 2006 as Chevrolet Aveo along with the slogan "The Indian Revolution", clearly referencing Chevrolet's American catchphrase "The American Revolution". The T200 hatchback was launched in India in December 2006 featuring a 1.2 liter petrol engine. The T200 hatchback is called the Aveo U-VA in India.

The 4 Door Aveo is sold in Ireland under the Chevrolet badge with the 5 door model branded the Kalos.


In the future it is expected that this model line will be integrated with the GM Gamma platform or it might still keep the current platform.


  • 1.2 L SOHC - Europe
    E-TEC II
    1.4 L SOHC - Europe
  • 1.4 L DOHC - Europe, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, India
  • 1.5 L SOHC - Europe, South Africa, Philippines
  • 1.6 L DOHC - 103 hp and 107 ft.lbf of torque - North America, Venezuela, Australia, China, India

 Assembly plants

Most Kalos/Aveos are assembled in the Bupyong plant in South Korea. In Ukraine, Russia and Venezuela, local versions of the Aveo are assembled from CKD. For the Chinese market, Aveos and Lovas are manufactured by Shanghai GM Dongyue.

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