Do you think that Kathmandu needs a nightlife?

Watch your thoughts they become your words, watch your words they become your action, watch your action they become your habit, watch your habits they become character, watch your character they become your destiny" .
Well friends, the way we live ? It is completely up to us. I just want to inform the dear visitors that the biggest risk in life is not to take any risk. So just try to understand that if nothing is sure, anything is possible."

- Bhola KC, Kathmandu, Nepal


Definately, I would go for yes because its nice being outside with friends and family at night. During day everyone is busy with their work and we can go for party during night. Usually, people might think night life as a bad thing but the concept has changed according to the current scenario."

- Prabin Shrestha, Kathmandu, Nepal


That's the only time for us to  get rid of daily hard work and to refresh ourselves through the entertaining night life. Kathmundu must create more and more entertaining venues and must establish itself as a city of night life. It already has lots of Bandha, Chakkajam, Traffic, Pollution, Pradasan.... Jesus...

- Lokesh Bogati, Hongkong, China


To avoid  the crowd n pollution  n tension of day time routine  yea  night life is what we need. This makes the city to wake up 24hrs and enjoy."

- Sonique, Kathmandu, Nepal


I think Kathmandu needs a night life, but may be with a few exceptions. I saw how people are mentioning western countries, so like western countries, we need to have boundaries like age limit and it should not be opened to high schoolers during weekdays. In my opinion alcohol should not be served to underage and some dentification (for age purpose) should be shown so it's better for people as we can't be having immature people drunk on tequila and stuff. So Night life is good but many things have to be considered... peace out."

-Samriddhi Shrestha, Newyork, USA


Yes,Kathmandu needs night life but there should be security for the people also. These days we often hear news about kidnapping & robbery so first priority should be given to security & then only night life will be peaceful & fun."

-Sanjiv Thapa, Baghdad, Iraq


Of course, yes, Kathmandu needs night life. Although it is a sophisticated city, at night it looks kinda empty. We are humans and life is precious. We must have experience everything once in a life time, but i guess security comes first. If we could make Kathmandu more secure and have
night life then it would be a heaven on Earth."

-Kundan, Shenzhen, China


Yes, Kathmandu should have it coz it’s such a place which works the whole day without any rest. Therefore I think Kathmandu needs such a thing which will help Kathmanduities to relax and take some breath of relief. And I, as far as I can see believe "night life" is such a place
where one can chill out in everyway...away from problems...stress...worries...etc.."

-Uttam Limbu, Hongkong


We obviously need night life as our Day life is so busy. So the only time we have for enjoying is the night. I say work during the day and party away the nights!"

-Uddhab Rana, Ktm, Nepal


HELL YEA.... we do need night life in kathmandu. Security should not be any excuse for not having a night life. Look at America, it has one of the highest crime rate in the world but that does not stop people from going out at night. There should be more night clubs with "dress code" opened around kathmandu not only in Thamel."

-Chandan Shrestha, Ktm, Nepal


Night Life is an extra plus point for a working guys like me. In Nepal most of the locals go to bed early and get up with the rising sun - working like a dog and sleeping like a log but this does not mean that life goes to sleep too. The life is still wide awake and young to many who need to keep themselves fully entertained and you will find plenty of places to fulfill your desire. Most of the restaurants in the main city areas like Thamel, DurbarMarg, Lazimpat etc, are open until after midnight."

- Pujan Malla, Ktm, Nepal

  We are human, of course we need some fun & refreshment. But, night life here in Kathmandu is a bit insecure. I love to hang around with frens at night. :-)
- Shalu, Kaushaltar, Ktm, Nepal
  All things are available in Kathmandu for night life what kinds of enjoy you want like for drinks there are lot's of pubs & bars, for dance there are  lot's of dance bars, disco any more so don't think too much guys let's experience Kathmandu nite life.................."
- Manoj Shrestha, Ktm, Nepal
  Night life in Kathmandu sounds cool to me. I have in fact spent sometime all night long in Kathmandu with some of my friends and it was great. If the shops would have opened till late and people passing by, it would be even better. There used to be a time of our fathers and forefathers where shops were opened till 11 o'clock at night and people used to walk on the street. Hope this would prevail in our country again. And I also strongly favor SECURITY as a huge factor for this topic in a country like ours where people are looted freely in the daylight.
- VC, Ktm, Nepal
  "YES", Kathmandu does need a night life because after 9 hours of hectic job schedule there isn''t much place to hang around in Kathmandu but before that there are certain security issues that need to be resolved first. I can''t see why we can't enjoy the night life but before that we need to ask ourselves if its safe and particularly for girls to hang around during the night time.
- Mingma Sherpa, Ktm, Nepal
  Definitely the night life is rocking it will open opportunities of job to many people and enhance our tourism sector. On the other hand people will get more alternatives for relaxation after a whole day of tiring work .
- Kabita, Ktm, Nepal
  Night Life is synonymous to FUN and Fun can be attaind only if there is Security and Freedom of expression and movement. The growth of Night Life in Nepal is possible only if we attain these factors. I am Positive with so many literate youth living in the city and returning from abroad, Nepal will soon be another Hot Spot of the World!!
- Sovana Lama, Ktm, Nepal
  Obviously,People living in kathmandu are busy than the people living outside.Some dont have enough time for refreshment and gathering with their frens,collegues and others during the day.Instead of waiting for the weekends, meeting at night makes a great alternative.
- Shyam Pandey, Ktm, Nepal
  We sure do need nightlife. I think we need to step ouot of our daily boring routines of going to bed early and instead have some fun. Shops in Kathmandu should stay open even after 8. The nightlife can enhance in the development of the whole nation, as we see developed nations have very appreciable nightlife.
- macpd, Ktm, Nepal
  In my opinion Kathmandu still needs to wait for some years for Nightlife due to its weak security. Let us wait until peace and security is established and then we can have wonderful nightlife. Have patience!
- Tsering, Ktm, Nepal
  I think there should be night life atleast in Kathmandu plus our families should not make a big issue out of it. More fun places should be opened to visit at night as most of the
people remain awake till the late hours of night.
- Jason Shrestha, Ktm, Nepal

Well I was in Kathmandu last winter and I got a chance to witness the nightlife in Kathmandu.There were large number of young people in thamel n Durbarmarg,even at 3 in the morning.I dont know about other nights, but on friday n saturday nights i felt like i was walking down some street in New York city.I'll say it'll take some time but kathmandu will soon get a nightlife thats not only limited to thamel and durbarmarg on weekends.
- Nilesh Grg, NewYork, USA

  Yes, Personally I think there should be a night life, providing there is enough security, public transportation, place to dine in  and enough things to do during the night. As long as crimes are concerned where  there are enough public activities, its likely crime rate will go down.  For instance  Thamel is open till bit late than rest of the part of the Kathmandu. I think that has been enjoyed by most people and as far as I know crime rate in there is minimal or none to existence . Common guys we all should give it a go and see how it goes.  GO FOR IT."
- Avi, Auckland, New Zealand
  It is one of the main city of our country nepal moreover, its  a main  attraction for tourists point of view. Nightlife not only gives opportunity to people to enjoy and relaxed but also help to grow  business and people can also work part time for their living.Beside this, people want to feel secure while steping out from the house.So, Security should be there 24/7 for peaceful nightlife.
- Caron, Sydney, Australia
  In my opinion Kathmandu still need to wait for some years for Nightlife because of weak security. Let us wait for peace and security for some time and then we can hve wonderful night life. Have patience!"
- Tsering, Kathmandu
  No! Not at all! People need some rest at last."
- Ramesh, Kathmandu
  I think there should be night life "at times only." Well we people work our ass off and we need time for ourselves as well, like going out for a drink, or night movies or supper as well. But it doesn''t mean we have night lives everyday, then how do we make the savings?"
- Avishek Pradhan, Kathmandu
  Yeah!! There should be nite life in Kathmandu City coz u need to grab the business too, which u can get it from tourist and as you know they love nite life, like the one in BANGKOK!! If we wanna make our City Hot n Happening that can be done by giving all the previlege to the City!!!"
- Sangz, Dubai, UAE
  When the whole world has it, why should we be deprived of it? Yes, it'd be great for the economy but more than the 'big picture', I think it'd be great for the people. We need more options, we deserve to have more choices. I, personally, love to do nothing but sleep at night, but when it comes to giving the people what they deserve, I'm all for having nightlife in Nepal."
- Arati Gurung, Kathmandu

For gods sake! This is a metropolitan city and we need to have fun. I have to go miles to buy a pack of cigarettes at night. Common people lighten up! OPEN UP! "
- Priya Shrestha, Boston USA


I don't think Kathmandu is ready for a night life. I am very sad to say that there is no security for people. In fact 2 of ,my friends got looted in a time span of 2 weeks. There might be hundreds of others having the same fate. The government is turning a blind eye to establish law and order in the country. I think we need to civilize first before we start night life."
- Prasiddha Singh, Kathmandu


Kathmandu is crowded and overburdened with excess population. The city can hardly handle this excess flow. The impact is specially seen on the streets and roads of Kathmandu I think Kathmandu should open till late in the night which would give more time to Kathmandu to settle its flooding population and its city needs.  I think jai Nepal did the right thing by starting the late night show. Others should open up."
- Snigdha Regmi, Kathmandu


Traditional working hours of 9 AM to 5 PM no longer applies for all. There are companies who have two to three work shift. This specially applies to the outsourcing businesses like call centers who have to interact with the foreign clients in different time zone. Similarly media companies operate at night to publish for the next day. This calls for the city to be alive at night too. Shopping centers, restaurants, health clubs, movie theaters and most important pubic transport should  be available at night time. Taxis should charge by regular meter. Crimes rates will decline as there will be more active people all over. Everyone will benefit from the night life.
- Suman Kumar, Lalitpur

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